Snr. Malaysia excellent Thai restaurant workers find information economy is shrinking



       Thai restaurant business is a category of countries that came through Fr. Sierra million of foreign workers allowed to work. And is a professional Thai workers to work a lot. However, due to depressed world economy. Ministry of Labor has ordered the offices of Thai workers abroad เฝ. Tracking the impact that Thai workers in the country. Office of Thai workers in Malaysia has issued a call take place. Gather information and to find a solution.

       Friday, January 30, 2552 said bank on gold cooked Ochti Minister of Labor Counsel. Ms. Pang and sulfur. Tus diamond products. Labor Counsel. Visited in discussions with employers. And visit Thai workers. Thai restaurant Tamarind Hill merchant name people look greasy Electric - Malaysia Mr Federico name suggests that a restaurant and hotel businesses for more than ten years. A hotel resort 1 of 2 restaurants, a Thai restaurant, Thai massage and spa, business, 1 of a total of 35 Thai workers who recently opened restaurant, Tamarind Hill business services approximately 2 months of Thai food in Thailand, other environments. With Thai workers and 7 people (chef - 6 people and mothers kitchen staff in restaurants 1 people) plans to open branches and more branches by 1 to employ additional Thai cooking positions. Current problem is. Malaysian government in the strict quota increased. Because policy is to reduce the number of foreign workers for employment, however, this job is a job specialty Thai (Specialist) to open a business because of symptoms of Thai restaurants. Is expected to clarify with the Malaysian authorities have associated string. Malaysia is happy to help and support in the licensing and employment แ. Thai full of Rg. To help Thai people have a job.


                                                                                                Source: Snr. Malaysia.