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Snr. Malaysia meeting with council lawyers Malaysia

       Office workers in Malaysia to join the round table sessions on fairness for workers who work in foreign countries as Malaysia Invitation Open Malaysian Bar Council (Bar Council Malaysia) on 17 November 2552 at the conference building. Council lawyers. 

       The conference is Dato ‘Ramachelvan the head of the work of improving the law and b events. Council to lawyers. Chaired the conference. Attendees include a staff attorney from the Council. Representatives from the Ministry of Human Resources. Representatives from the Ministry of Interior. Representatives from the major locations associated Acr missions / embassies. And representatives from private organizations that have activities related to foreign workers protest tea and about 30 employees with a summary agenda follows. 

              (1) offering legal assistance and how workers of foreign organizations. Trwg HR by Mr. Kesavan officials from the Department of Labor. Department of Human Resources. To issue information to the foreign workers in the Sierra Open million to protect workers under the Labor Act of harbor 1955 (Employment Act 1955) issues that often arise with foreign workers. Statistics of Labor’s Foreign Labor Department, Malaysia. And steps in the foreign aid workers also inform the Ministry of Human Resources policy is to pursue the employer. The violation of the Labor Law. And to amend laws relating to employment, workers are the Tahiti Beach and make great workers. The only attendant at the workplace. 

              (2) case study. “Fairness is denied” by Dr.Irene Fernandez, director of Tenaganita independent organization working on women’s rights protection and a strong sesame raised by some international statistics on foreign workers complaining of a Tenaganita statistics. complaint from the Department of Labor statistics, more than most. And say why not allow foreign workers have been helping these . Malaysian authorities have at their problems. Or who receive assistance are the long-term actions as. As the foreign workers than the duration of the visa limit will be associated in this Dr. Irene offered to the Malaysian government issued special visas to temporary foreign workers You. Others need to follow in Malaysia to trial. 

              (3) provide claims processing of foreign workers by Mr. Muhendaran Bar Council Malaysia. The example problem of foreign workers on the outstanding wages. Which focuses on the judicial process to delay labor. Made several times was not Pidcdi. Because the plaintiff was returned to the hometown. 

              (4) from the open discussion and questions after the lecture. Concluded that an independent organization based in trying to offer protection to workers. Relevant government agencies such as Department of Labor, Malaysia. Office of Immigration. And the Ministry of Health. Attention to more foreign workers. And to see foreign workers as “workers” who plays a driving force that enables Malaysia to grow and develop. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.