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     Management education system of Malaysia. The responsibility of the Ministry of Education.Split-level management is a 5-level national government level the school district and school levels. Management education in the national responsibility of the federal government (Federal Government) education at all levels, all under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.Only one Department. Excluded studies that resembles a formal education (Non-formal Education) is a Department of the Ministry of related responsibilities such as the Department of Labor Department of Agriculture.


Malaysia’s education system (National Education System) system is 6:3:2.

   – 6 year primary education course.

   – A 3 year secondary school curriculum.

    – Level 2 year high school course.

   – Pre-university education level 1 or 2 year course.

   – Higher education. Programs average 3 to 4 years half year.


And divided into 5 levels of education as follows.

   1. The primary education (Pre-school Education).

   2. The primary education (Primary Education).

   3. Secondary Education (Secondary Education).

   4. Education after high school or high school education. (Post-secondary Education).

   5. Tertiary education (Higher Education).


The school serves different education levels is divided into 3 types:.

   1. Education of the government (Government Education Institutions).

   2. Auspices of government in education. (Government-aided Educational Institutions).

   3. Private school (Private Educational Institutes).


        School of Government make the national language is the Malayan (Bahasa Malayu) letters written by a True. (English alphabet) as the main language of teaching and learning activities.