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       Malaysia is located in the central region of Southeast Asia. Near the equator. Latitude between 1 and 7 degrees north with longitude 100 and 119 degrees east. 



        Northern border with Thailand. 

        South border with. Singapore. 

        North east. March on. Philippines. 

        West border to the Strait of Malacca and Sumatra of Indonesia. 



        Malaysia 330,307.1 square kilometers area of approximately 2 or 3 in Thailand, land of the country is divided into 2 parts. 



West Malaysia. 


         Located on Peninsula Malaysia. State that includes 11 states, including Johor Melaka K. Dahl Klantan Green Business – New Business Process Alan Park of Hangzhou Penang Perak Cooper preliminary check list and stick are of the sector’s longest section of the super-state list of the Strait of Johor. length of 740 km wide from east coast to the west coast 320 km wide with a total area of 131,587.67 square kilometers. 



East Malaysia. 


         Located north west of Kalimantan Island. Barseniiw contains 2 or island state is Sarah and John and Sarah Baton ambulatory with Brunei are separated between the two state area 198,897.4 square kilometers.



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