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       The Government of Malaysia has the Federal or Federal (Federal Government) and State Governments (State Government) each State is Sultan parents. And Sultan together selected Pope Rachatibdi or the best Puerto want of subject Kong (Yang di-pertuan Agong) a king governing the country. The changing flow between the Sultan and 9 State to a head person per 5 years Pope Rachatibdi of Malaysia is Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni Al-Marhum from state Trang check Noah. (Served from December 13, 2549).


        Government is a parliament (Parliament System) consists of the House of Representatives (House of Representative) members from the election and the Senate (Senate) members by appointment. Political power depends on the House of Representatives.



Structure of Government of Malaysia is divided into 3 parties are.


1.2.1 Department legislature.

        Includes 2 Council is the senate or senate (Senate or Dewan Negara) of 70 seats from 2 of the first part of the appointment by the Prime Minister of 44 seats and the two other 26 seats from the selection by legislatures of both 13. state (State Legislatures) number of states per 2 man rotation 6 years for the House of Representatives (House of Representative, or Dewan Rakyat) from the election district by 1 person and 219 people are responsible for considering draft legislation that the government or the Senate is offering period. tenure 5 years (the election last occurred on March 21, 2547), member House of Representatives today divided into the following.


    – Coalition government (Barisan Nasional: BN) combined with a representative number of 199 people (per cent 91 the number of Members of Parliament) consists of members from a cross of total 14 Party together a government. Political parties most important United Malays National Organization (UMNO) of 110 people, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) of 31 people, Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) of 11 people, Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia Party (PGRM) of 10 people and Malaysian India. Congress (MIC) of 9 people and party other 28 people, etc..

   – Opposition party, member House of Representatives of 20 people from a cross 4 party is Democratic Action Party (DAP) of 12 people, Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) of 6 people, Keadilan number 1 person and Bebas number 1 person.


1.2.2 Management.

        Includes 2 of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

        – Prime Minister (Prime Minister) is the leader’s top management by the Parliament. Prime Minister is head of political parties. The member was elected to the Council a maximum. Or a party leader who led. The House of Representatives. The head of the country will be appointed. Prime currently is Abdullah Bin Ahmad Badawi held on October 31, 2546 Deputy Prime Minister is Mohamed Najib Bin Abdul Razak held on January 7, 2547.

        – Cabinet (Cabinet) is the policy of the Prime Minister as head. Prime Minister will select representative came as the ministry.



1.2.3 Division judge.

        Authority to judge the legal system of England is the Common Law, except Islam under the Confederation. Make judicature is freedom. Not controlled by management and the legislature.