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Economic situation

       Economic policy of Malaysia’s primary goal is to develop the country as a developed country by the year 2563 (Vision 2020) that focuses on supporting industries that use advanced technology coupled with human development In addition, Malaysia has put economic policy succeeds. Vision 2020 is from the National Vision Policy (National Vision Policy: NVP), which aims to build Malaysia into. “In a flexible, durable and has the ability to compete (resilient and competitive nation)” It will reduce the importance of investment, resulting in growth that is not sustainable and not into performance. And focus on new issues are. Growth based on the overall productivity (total factor productivity) will focus on the research and investment research (R & D) and high technology to the development of knowledge-based economy. (knowledge-based economy) and add fuel Plwantr of agriculture, manufacturing and services, using knowledge of science and technology. Increase participation of children landscape. The leading economic sector. And adjustments to the development of human resources to support knowledge-based society. (knowledge-based society). 


In addition, Malaysia. Economic policies also have the following. 

    1. Open to trade, investment and technology transfer from the West. To develop the country into a developed nation by the year harbor 2020 (vision 2020) by Dr. Gandhi’s great to set goals.

    2. To bring political, economic policies to bring benefits and opportunities for international trade. 

    3. Expand economic contacts and trade with developing countries to reduce dependence on U.S. and European markets. 


        In the past, Malaysia is not a smooth political relations professionals. With Western countries, especially the United States. Because the West sees the Malaysian government often used the law on internal security (Internal Security Act – ISA) for political benefit. And human rights violations. At the same time that Malaysia is on the domestic issues. And Western countries often use Double standard in its foreign policy with other countries, the financial and fiscal crisis occurred. 

In developing countries today is different from the liberalization of finance and treasury. The West actively drives the economy, however, Malaysia has contacted commercial investment education closer to the West. Especially English. Partly because of commitments in the colonial. Resulting in a rapid development. 


        Despite that the Malaysian government will be successful in economic problems. As a result, the economy began to recover significantly in 2545 under the continued success tote that obstacles and problems which can affect the economy such as Malaysia’s overall investment in large projects. government is not successful as expected. Although initially will contribute to stimulate the economy are strong. If these projects can not achieve the stated objectives will impact significantly. As per the country’s overall economic construction projects such as the new international airport. Which currently use less than half the capacity. And can not attract major airlines flying into the airport. Construction of the city government at Putrajaya. Which does not draw people and businesses into joint projects Cyberjaya, which is not fully able to attract the world’s leading companies to invest as intended.