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Malaysia. Grace has a policy to hire more foreign workers

     Minister, Ministry of Human Resources. Malaysia (Datuk Dr. Subramaniam) for media interviews at Parliament on October 26, 2552 that the Malaysian government’s policy to allow the industry labor eye. National increase. 

     From the economic slowdown in late 2551 the Malaysian government’s policy does not allow foreign labor. Both in industry and services (except the cooking job. And cleaning staff), information from the Department of Labor. Malaysia. Notice that since January 2552 alone, Malaysia has the foreign lay workers and more than 34,000 people. 

      However, when the month of July 2552 industrial production of the country began to recover again. Industry, especially electronics and textiles, Nick’s, so it will consider allowing the government to hire more foreign workers. To restore the manufacturing industry. It will allow industry employment in electronics, textiles, furniture, Nick’s rubber and plastic gloves and consider the real needs of business priorities. 

      In addition, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, Minister of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Home Affair), said Parliamentary Commissioner for foreign workers to set guidelines in check Accessories. Meeting needs to integrate foreign workers soon. Because governments recognize the need for foreign workers in check. Associated driving the economy of the country. It needs both overall and more branches. And the Government will consult with businesses in the wage rate to take. Sharon Malaysian people interested in working more. 

      For access to work in Malaysia is. To prevent problems that may arise in future. Previous decision to go work in Malaysia. Request to clear the check. Operators will want to work with the licensed operators are allowed to Hr and should not receive the visa in advance in order to work in a manner that when the Calling Visa to then be able to obtain work permits under the law. File to a year to work illegally without work permits. Match penalty will be imprisonment case may be adjusted. If you have questions. And more information. Please contact the office workers in Malaysia can play a mean B Phone (603) 2145 6004 and (603) 3145 5868. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.