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Snr. Malaysia best compliment the Director of the Bureau of State Sarawank Immigration

      On September 4, 2552, Mr. Singh might lift power minister advisor. Department of Labor to go public in shrimp capture state Sarawank to visit esteem Director of the Bureau of Immigration and State Sarawank (Datuk Robert Lian Balangalibun) and discuss an official collaboration with senior officers of the Bureau of Immigration and State Sarawank. by introduction of the opportunity the position Minister Advisor (Department of Labor) and thank Bureau of Immigration to facilitate and aid workers Thai travel into work on public Sarawank been experiencing. The Director of the Bureau of Immigration stating that willing to help workers, Thailand. Both in respect of work permits. Delivery workers have trouble back home. As well as the cooperation of relevant information such. The Director of the. It also provides recommendations in respect of other such. 

             (1) The Government of Malaysia to focus on the anti-trafficking (Human Trafficking) and ask for cooperation among countries that have sent workers to work in Malaysia collaborate, edit and search for prevention. 

             (2) issue fishing Thailand to catch fish in area waters Malaysia often arrested. And crew, most will not have a work permit on board (Seamen Book) and ship some aircraft that have been arrested are people many nationalities. Crew, some can not tolerate conditions of hard work would flee to the coast and is the police arrest. Most problems in the area Tanjung Manis, which from the center of shrimp capture distance 400 km and when the arrest will have problems in the media language. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.