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Snr. Malaysia meeting Thai people to leave the ceremony be prosecuted to the countries from Malaysia to Thailand.

       On Wednesday, February 4, 2552 said bank on gold Ochti cooked Minister of Labor Counsel Annual Conference, Malaysia travel back to the activities. Yao Thai people to be prosecuted in the abuse of illegal immigration in the countries of Malaysia, 200 people returned to Thailand. The development cooperation between Thailand – Malaysia. To prevent and combat trafficking between Thailand – Malaysia. Conference Room 204 of Building 9 sector gendarme Songkhla. 

        Attendees include. Deputy provincial governor (Mr. Charoen maintain close) Region 9 gendarme officers and district Saeda, immigration officers and border Southern Saeda, social development, Songkhla, Songkhla workers, Foundation girlfriend, player welfare, and you backrest. the health of a community by creating a privileged family Worachai Pl.t.t. national vice commander Beach. .9 pharmacist is Chairman of the meeting. This is to inform you that. To coordinate with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior of Malaysia. Then agreed to release captured Thai people in Malaysia of 200 people to Thailand on February 19, 2552 by Kevin P. Kevin hotel will Saeda district, Songkhla is welcome. And activities from 08.00 am (Thai time), which invite senior government officials such as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of. Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary of Labor and Cmdr. Tr., including top government officials who ใ. For j in Songkhla. And neighboring provinces to join the ceremony. Prior to the release team will identify a number of national agencies in Thailand, said the number 20 into the check details. A Los Angeles City Star. Malaysia. During 17-18 February 2552 and after completion of project approval to the meeting summary report of the commander. To be used as guidelines in the next. 

        The ceremony has been organized guest speakers to educate those who are million year. Do this option. Lest error to the victim or co-trafficking movement in the golden days of the said bank cooked Ochti Minister of Labor Counsel. Assigned to describe the topic “Access to work in Malaysia is a way” to have the opportunity of being dropped into work in Malaysia. Lawfully continue with. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.