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Snr. Malaysia preparation of Events Amazing Thailand Festival 2009

         On November 23, 2552 office workers in Malaysia have meetings with agencies. The Embassy at Kuala Lumpur in preparation for the show Amazing Thailand Festival 2009 No. 2, which is scheduled to be held during 4-6 December 2552 at the Exhibition Center International City to each pot. Malaysia.

         Job Amazing Thailand Festival 2009 This place is No. 2 with first place Museums Mid – valley Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur. During 14-16 August 2552, which has gained attention from the people of Malaysia are many. Have attended more than 30,000 people in the show Amazing Thailand Festival 2009 No. 2 is intended to promote and release in Thailand and ใ as trade and investment, tourism. And labor in Malaysia. The budget support has been integrated from the Embassy of Kuala Lumpur. In conjunction with the promotion of trade and investment. Office of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Office Kuala. And office workers in Malaysia.

          In the event. Office workers in Malaysia. In addition to the out booth. Public employment and Thailand. Also be of professors and students from colleges, vocational Pattani of 6 people co-promote the work of Thai Restaurant also. It will provide a demonstration of carving fruit and vegetables to show food and sweets Thai (halal), etc. In addition, in the activities of sales in Thailand and Thai food. The office promotes trade and investment. And the cultural to promote the tourism of Thailand. The exhibition of the Travel Agency by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Office Kuala. The Working Group has release the show this to people of Malaysia. Sierra and the town came by check see widespread. And expected to participate in as many visitors as the last New.


Source: Snr. Malaysia.