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Snr. Malaysia, Thailand, warning workers. Malaysian government purge of illegal workers.

          Malaysia experienced economic problems due to depression. A plant closing and unemployment is significant. Malaysia has a formal policy limit and reduce the number of foreign workers Beach. To work at the protest in Malaysia. The set of measures such as suspension of work permits issued to those who will enter a new work. Not to permit the work to existing work. Intensive work to arrest the illegal in Malaysia. No work permit. 

           In addition to that. Measures to force employers to not get into work and foreign workers. Incentive to get local workers to work. And from the offices of Thai workers in Malaysia. (Snr. Malaysia) has worked to secure the release of 100 Thais who are victims of human trafficking. Sent to Thailand on February 23, 2552 Over the past have found that the number has been dropped more than 70 people. 

A homeland in the southern provinces of Thailand. Is guilty of the crime to work without permission and used the wrong visa year period demonstrated that split the Malaysian authorities have accelerated clearance of Thai workers arrested in restaurant type Tom. Incoming work illegally. Or no work permit strictly. 

           Office of Thai workers in Malaysia. Is alert to all Thai workers. Ask careful to work in Malaysia. By asking the very legitimate. To prevent the punishment has been arrested and notification to employers that employ Thai workers working. Action with the legitimate. If you have questions. And more information. Contact the office workers in Thailand, Malaysia Tel: (+60) 3 2145 6004 and (+60) 3 3145 5868. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.