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Snr. Malaysia to support the professional training of Thai people

            Embassy of Kuala Lumpur. Thai clubs and associations. Professional activities to people in Malaysia, Thailand during 10-14 October 2552 at 8.30-17.00 am and 5 day period. 

            Thai Club has invited professors from the College of Vocational Ratchaburi 2 of you as guest. Training carving fruit and vegetables to hundreds of garlands of artificial banana leaf. And fold the gift. The candidates are training more than 40 people this event is designed to provide graduate training to be knowledge professionals. To revenue is the main occupation or career support. Results from the training received attention from the Maid of the embassy to visit other training is significant. 

            Office workers in Malaysia has the Thai public relations and Thai workers to receive training. And support vehicles are – send guest. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.