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Snr. Malaysia to understand it. Unrest in Thailand

            During the Songkran Festival on 12-17 April 2552 on the last banking day Mr. Gold cooked Ochti Minister Advisor (Labor Department) and Ms. Pang Thai gold diamond property Tus. Has traveled to visit and work with labor Songkran and take a. Drying in the Thai cities of Malaysia are. 


                      1. Gimmill Tu Spa Hut Park in Johor state operations garment exports. 

                      2. Restaurant in Tokyo Ching Lok Thein Sarawank state. 

                      3. Sarwaja leave you in public affairs Sarawank construction of high voltage towers throw line. 

                      4. Global Upline in shrimp capture state Sarawank construction operations. 

                      5. Body Work Apparel in Kuala Lumpur. Operations garment. 

                      6. DZ Card Production, Kuala Lumpur City Card Plastic. 

                      7. Ancient Thai restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Thai massage operations. 

                      8. Ernst & Restaurants brother Jimmy. In Kuala Lumpur. 

                      9. Pandan Thai restaurant in Tokyo Sarawank State win. 

                    10. Community Thai Buddhist temple in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Beach lean. 


           Snr. Malaysia Marks information about situations and events in Thailand, not war tab to the Thai people and Thai people to locate in Malaysia that. Thailand to return to normalcy, then the government can control the situation yet. Thai people have no concerns and intend to run. The Thai workers are uneasy because they are worried and want to see a year. Between Thai peaceful country. 


           In addition, Snr. Malaysia also has a notice to the establishment of the Thai people working in the community and Thai. For assistance to help clarify and provide accurate information to foreigners tea. Tibor interested inquiries. And ask all Thai people are patient, diligent work intends to maintain a good image, of Thai people. Good spirits and good integrity, a feature of Thai people. If you have news and information how. Will notice the following. 



                                                                                           Source: Snr. Malaysia.