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Snr. Malaysia Warning! Thai people have been arrested by the crime of working without licenses

                  Office workers in Malaysia. Receive assistance through the Embassy at Kuala Lumpur that the Thai authorities were 3 Immigration holds are zones of North. Malaysia arrested for breach of working without licenses. Foot store in the state holds one case of North. The informant claimed that. Mothers with their Thai friends did not work. Just visit the contact engaged the massage shop, then was arrested; 

                   Office workers in Malaysia. Reviewed on the facts. Confirmed by Ms.Nur Aminah Binti Md Nour as Deputy General Officer that the three Thais were arrested while actually working. The immigration officers have a user impersonation and a temptation to buy, however, if such offense. Immigration District Office holds are of North. Provided to assist with proposal to pay the penalty fine is 200 different funds Ring Circuit (about 2,000 baht), which is expected to be dropped back in Thailand around the end of March 2552 to allege a sharp stick for three Thais. person. A history from Malaysia often. Which should be observed of Immigration, Malaysia. And monitored prior to arrest. 

                    From the case. That will travel to Malaysia from easy. Can stay at 1 month, but if will go to work will need a visa or work permit as a woman ้ otherwise would have been arrested by officers. Currently. The type is the type of massage is specifically mark by Malaysian authorities have arrested always screwing. The latter will be checked in a manner that string associated with the decoy purchased. Malaysia has reported the arrest and release them to continuously & nbsp; 

                    Therefore, the Thai workers for Public notification again. The only people that will go into massage work in Malaysia that. Must have work permits. Otherwise be prison were arrested or imprisoned before being sent back to Thailand so before arriving to work. If you have questions and need more information. Please contact at recruitment Province. Or office workers in Malaysia. Phone (603) 2145 6004 and (603) 3145 5868. 


                                                                                                Source: Snr. Malaysia.