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Snr. Malaysian market for garment workers at 50 locations

Office of Thai workers in Malaysia has negotiated with Gimmill Industrial (M) Snd.Bhd located in Batu Pahat, State Johor, Malaysia. The company business garment. To employ garment Thai people to work more. The company has to notify you that will increase the number of 50 employees within days of March 30, 2552 with details of employment summarized as follows.

                      1. Contract work 3 years.

                      2. Low income at least monthly 650 Ring Circuit (25 Ring Circuit 26 days).

                      3. Pay overtime hours at 1.5 times of working hours, usually for work. Overtime on normal working and Val. A stop of the Company, and 2 times of working hours, usually for work on Sundays and holidays year.       

                      4. Employer expense in making work permits total.

                      5. A welfare housing, water electricity and where cooking and benefits other such medical treatment. Insurance requirements of the labor law, Malaysia.

                      6. Working week 6 days.

                      7. A day leave rest annual 8-day values returned home after work.Full 2 years.

                      8. The employee must have the ability. Garment by machine industry and will be.

         Responsible for costs. In the preparation and cost of travel to work in Malaysia. (Cost of tickets or other vehicle).

         Snr. Malaysia reviewed documents that already. That the employer has established and legitimate Malaysia. Details of employment consistent with the requirements of the Ministry of Labor and is legal, Malaysia. They also have Thai workers working already about 120 people who all are happy to work with the company. Is seen should encourage workers Thailand to work. To expand the labor market and reducing conditions, unemployment in Thailand. But as Jakarta Company. Is necessary to like people by pressing. This view as to help press release to the unemployed. Properties such note. Are interested contact and request at. Office of Thai workers in Malaysia. Phone 032-145-6004 or 032-145-5868 the day and office hours.


Source: Snr. Malaysia.