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Srh. Malaysia audit work permit foreign workers stringent

Office workers in Malaysia. Warning to visit Thai workers working in Malaysia. Malaysian authorities have now monitoring the work of foreign workers of all worldwide stringent than the basic Thai workers were arrested and many more. Due to work without work permits. 

       Office workers in Malaysia. Reporting period April to May last. Consulate General Office at the City Oktabaro. 7 suggests that the Thai workers who run Thai restaurant. แกงส้ม in captivity because Oktabaro State Klantan work without license on May 6, 2552 and 4 more Thai workers as employees work at massage in Angelica New Red Jet. Was arrested on April 21, 2552 The other 2 staff massage shop is running Sun Flower. 

Tokyo city government take Sarawank was arrested in mid-April 2552 also has 8 more working again. 

A staff of massage Unicorn Health Care Sdn. Bhd. Klag urban sector are state of the North were arrested. 

On May 10, 2552 Last Thai workers have more work offshore around the File 1. Year on the island of Langkawi employers Kedar state water police were arrested on May 17, 2552. 

        The Thai workers are all captured and quarantined penalty litigation that could sanction the imprisonment. Prior to deportation to the country. Office workers in Malaysia. Cautions workers to work in Thailand to Malaysia to work in the year. Malaysia international country correct. Malaysian employers will need to file for permission to hire foreign workers. Malaysian authorities before. When approved, it will be Calling Visa to bring foreign workers to work in Malaysia. When traveling to the country, then the license must continue to work. Not to use other types of visa. Or visa to travel to and work permits in the future. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.