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Thai workers in Malaysia merits end of Buddhist Lent Day

          Office workers in Malaysia. Made projects Thai workers merits on end of Buddhist Lent on October 11, 2552 by Nimnts monk from Wat Buddhist until publication. (Measured octagon) Kuala Lumpur, the number 3 a trip to Baku Tu Spa Hut State Johor to grow holy. And speaking evil. On the merits Festival Day end of Buddhist Lent. 

          Such activity held by the cooperation of the Thai workers and Thai people in the state of Johor. Intended to Thai workers and Thai people have the opportunity to philanthropy together as on important Buddhist. The Morale better in work and life overseas. Meet weeks of seeding. And eating together. Create unity among Thai people. And integration that enable network strong. Can help each other in the opportunity to also. The event is to attend about 220 people. 

         Attend the majority of workers who work the factory garment exports (its Gimmill Industrial) and Thai sources located in Baton Tu Spa Hut and cities near the state Johor. Thai workers thanked the Ministry of Labor. To visit regularly. And to support activities that benefit. And help guide its work continued. 


Source: Snr. Malaysia.